Best Wireless Routers 2018 Buying Guide

How To Chose The Best Wireless Router For Your Home Office

Working today is great fun if you have the right tools to work with. Data is very important in today’s way of business transactions. Today, it is possible to transmit data through millions of miles at the earliest possible time. To add to the beauty, technology has made it possible for the data to arrive in one whole piece. The magic employed is the: best wireless router.

May Entrepreneurs Still Grapple With Issues

The scenario described above is not enjoyed by every entrepreneur. Observation shows that many business owners today still worry over inefficient routers. Their valuable data is lost in transit. Many businesses have suffered a total collapse on account of this. Our objective is to show you want you are to do if you are to have free flow in your business operations which will give you the desired peace of mind that you truly deserved.

The first consideration

This is where many business owners get it all wrong. When a builder fails to lay the foundation of a building, an attempt to start from the roof will lead to failure on arrival. First, take a look at your home office and have an idea of the technology involved in your in-house router. That is the knowledge that you will need and it will be the guide to choosing the router that will deliver on the expected promise. You can go on to search that router that will fit perfectly into what you have on the ground.

The Advantages Of Wireless Reuters

• Internet connectivity and the ability for resource sharing from different computers.

• It provides wireless internet to other devices such as laptops, smart phones, tablets, etc.

• It will also, provide a non-internet based wireless connectivity to wireless-based devices and to other home appliances.

•  It will help you in making VoIP calls.

•  You can as well connect to digital TVs.

The above benefits are what any business owner will desire. You will get them on the condition that you are able to get your acts together.

Selecting The Band

You have to get the best frequency band if you want to get the best of benefits. Considering what is happening in wireless communication, the most popular of the bands is 2.5 GHz. It is highly congested and it will not give you the best of results because of the delays involved in the transmission of data. If you desire the best, you have to go for a router that can work at other frequencies. There is a higher frequency of 5GHz; a wifi router that can work in the 2.5WHz and other router bands will deliver more when the chips are down.

Consideration Of Security Issues

Security is something you must put into serious consideration. In these days of internet fraud; your business is the better if you make sure that your router gets the best of protection. Make sure your wifi router has a different administrative IP. It must have good inbuilt security options. With that in place, you can close your eyes with the mindset that no one can hack into your account to tamper with your data.

The No Of Channels

A router that can accommodate more the channels will be useful to the flow of data. Again, if you choose a wifi with 2.5GHz, you will get the desired large channels, but then, the issue of overlapping of these channels will spoil the flow. A 5GHz band will deliver a wider band that are well spaced and the problem of overlapping will be out of the way.

Wifi Speed

This is another aspect that you have to consider before you make a choice. Speed is very important because you want your data to get to destinations without delay. A slow speed will slow down your process and you cannot achieve your expected business goals. You have to look at your requirements and choose a wifi speed that will flow with what you have on the ground. Click here for the best of these devices: 


The Wifi Range

This is yet another critical area to be put into consideration before you make your choice. You know the range of coverage of your business concern. If you go for a router whose range is under your business projections, then you will have issues with the delivery of data. Therefore you have to go for that router that will accommodate the range of your coverage.

Features That Allow You To Share Wi-Fi Access

There are some routers around today that will make it possible for you to share them with a visitor. You are working and as well as sharing your router with your visiting friend or family member. The outsider will never get access to your valuable data and information because they can login without you revealing your security passphrase. That is a convenience at its best.

The USB Port

Many of the new technologies in routers today have one USB port or two. This can be used to conveniently connect printers that are USB based or other portable devices. Technology changes and you should be on the lookout for a possible router with a 3.0USB that will predictably be faster than what is presently on offer. Click here for more info


Dual-WAN Support

There are available today routers that contain a dual-WAN router that will enable you to connect two WAN internet connections. The beauty of this is that you can easily swap from one slow network to a faster network. This will guarantee a consistent network that will be reliable. check more info here 

The Positioning Of Your Router

This is yet another aspect and the last point we are going to be considering. It will determine whether you are going to get the benefits described above. It has to do with the positioning of the router in your home office. Your router should be positioned in a raised position centrally placed in your home office. It should be set apart from RF dampening barriers.

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